About Us

Australian Investigation Agency (AIA) is made up by a group of dedicated professionals from various professions. This allows us to be able to come up with a unique solution for your problem.

Twelve months prior to starting the directors conducted market research on our competitors. We engaged the services of various investigations companies and while some did what they were engaged to do, some did not. One company even went as far as being harassing when we did not agree to more work. A few days later the subject of this investigation was anonymously tipped off. Another said they conducted surveillance on a target but there was no activity recorded. This claim was false as the subject was fully aware that there was surveillance being conducted on them.

This market research has allowed us to provide you an honest and reliable service, backed with facts and tangible evidence. All of our surveillance vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers and the data for your job is provided for you in the final report. Therefore, you not only get to see where your subject was, but you can see were your hard earned money is going.


Right from the time you decide to engage our services you are treated with kindness and respect, your problems become our problems. The first thing we do is provide you with a dedicated case manager. This is the personal touch. Your case manager will get all the information from you and will explain the basic procedure and timelines dedicated to your case. From there, the case will be discussed with the senior management team to provide a detail plan for this and to match your investigation with one of or many agents. This match is based on the type and style of investigations and the unique skill sets of the chosen agent. Your case manager will keep you updated during this process.

Once the investigation is completed you will be receiving your report as per our terms and conditions and all the evidence obtained.

Further to this, any advice that we provide is accurate. We have heard how you can use GPS trackers on vehicles covertly (you cannot), record the private conversations of people’s phones by installing spy software (you cannot). You will be the one in legal trouble if discovered. This is the reason why the staff at Australian Investigation Agency provide you with advice. It is based on a working knowledge of the law and current industry practice. Put your trust us.


Afterall remember that you are part of our family and we truly want our clients to be able to rely upon us always.

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