AIA has some of the best and most experienced surveillance agents in Australia.
We specialise in covert surveillance for many issues throughout the Sydney & the Illawara regions primarily but we can cover all areas of ACT & NSW. Our Private Investigators are CAPI licensed and highly experienced Agents most of which have either a military or law enforcement background.
We try to collect as much video evidence of the Subject in the shortest time possible without compromising the investigation.

At the beginning of the investigation you will be given a unique username & password to log onto our new investigation software. Once logged in you will be able to view & download your report, pictures & video evidence. What this means to you is no more waiting until the end of the investigation to receive updates and view pictures and videos. The report, pictures & video may be used by your lawyer in a court of law as evidence.


The core business of many investigation companies is surveillance. The difference between these companies is the dedicated agents and the approach that is used. Not one of these companies can guarantee results due to the nature of the work. We are there to watch, record and provide you with what happened.


At Australian Investigation Agency we consult with you to gain as much of an understanding as possible. From this information that we are now armed with, we can devise a plan that will make the chances of obtaining the evidence you require even greater. From there it is a matter of matching a surveillance operative to your style of investigation.

Further to this AIA is upfront with you about the costs and you can book us in now by using the (shopping cart above and filling in a brief form) As you can start to appreciate we at AIA will make this difficult time as easy to use as possible. No need to fear.


One of many ways we at AIA try to make this easier for our clients is by providing upfront packages.

These packages start at ____________ and end with our high roller package.