Terms & Conditions

1. No work will be used for illegal purposes.
2. No other agency or person will be engaged during the length of our investigation for the purpose of this case.
3. The client will not engage in any personal investigation activity related to our investigation through its duration.
4. The client will be totally honest and open with AIA regarding any aspect of the investigation.
5. AIA will maintain the confidentially of the client to the utmost allowed by law and will work in the best interest of the client.
6. AIA will provide to the client a full report of the activities conducted on the client’s behalf, including a report, video footage, final invoice and the use of the expenses at the termination of the investigation.
7. AIA may at any time not divulged an aspect or all of the investigation to the client
8. If AIA feels that the information gathered is distressing or will lead to violence it may supply the report and all evidence to the client’s legal representative
9. The client may at any time end the investigation upon written request and receive the return of any unearned money.
10. AIA will retain all supporting documents, evidence and reports on file at a secured location set out by AIA.
11. All information supplied by AIA to The Client shall remain for legal purposes only and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the client or their legal representative.
12. That should the account not be paid by the time specified on the invoice a statement of account will be forwarded to the address of The Client and should that account not be paid within fourteen days of delivery of the first statement legal proceeding will be entered into for the recovery of the amount owing plus any costs associated with the recovery of the amount owing.
13. That if The Client sets a financial limit AIA will not undertake work over that financial limit unless further instructions (written or oral) are received to do so and the retainer or progress payment may be needed from The Client at the discretion of AIA.
14. Should there be the need for a representative from AIA to attend legal practitioners, medical practitioners, police station, court or any other place on behalf of The Client will pay within seven days the full account to AIA for all such persons, attendances and all services required at the applicable rate at the time of such service.
15. AIA will conduct and all staff will conduct itself in every respect in a professional and diligent manner in accordance with the requirements of The Client and the Commercial Agents & Private Inquiry Agents Act (1997).
16. AIA may at any time cease an investigation for any reason seen fit by AIA.
17. A deposit is required before any investigation is undertaken. This deposit is required as cash or cleared funds into AIA Investigations bank account.